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Welcome Message

CENTRESTAGE 2020 marks the fifth iteration of one of Asia’s premier fashion events. For the first time, the annual spectacle is taking place online, integrating imagination with technology to offer a digital experience and open up new possibilities for the industry.

The theme, ‘A World of Phygital’, highlights the creative combination of physical and digital elements in a fashion event that responds to prevailing circumstances. Free of spatial and temporal constraints, the new format enables buyers and fashionistas to view the latest designs anytime, anywhere while helping designers gain broader exposure and foster connections.

A total of 240 international designer labels and fashion brands are showcased. In the spotlight is a series of six virtual runway shows to be premiered to a worldwide audience. Designers’ latest collections are featured on an interactive digital platform jointly developed by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and our digital content partner Vogue Hong Kong.

Our thanks also go to Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, for its continued support to the local fashion community.

I hope CENTRESTAGE 2020 will offer a new experience that excites both established and emerging fashion designers as well as brings fresh perspectives to the industry as a whole.

Margaret Fong
Executive Director | Hong Kong Trade Development Council

A Brave New World

A new world is, naturally, defined by new boundaries. Phygital is at the forefront of it all. The term represents the hybrid of a physical and digital experience, and the way of life going forward. Fashion, which has long encapsulated the best of creativity, emotional resonance and passion, is also entering this Phygital era. 

CENTRESTAGE, which has been supporting both Hong Kong’s and international amazing creatives in the fashion industry, is proud to be on this journey by presenting A World of Phygital - putting our designers at the forefront of this experience. Watching a new generation of designers exploring sense and sensibility in this Phygital age creates a reality with a utopian vision. Those who dare to dream are able to create and shape their reality!  

Vogue Hong Kong is proud to be part of the conversation and connection with our fashion community. The world may be filled with uncertainties, but the spirit of creativity and passion will triumph against all odds. Let us make the brave new world, a better world!

Desiree Au
Publisher | VOGUE Hong Kong


After graduating from London College of Fashion, Hong Kong designer Kevin Ho launched his eponymous label in 2015 with a focus on innovative silhouettes, power and elegance to create unique vibes for the modern women.

  • The fashion industry has officially welcomed the digital age. How do you feel about different brands experimenting with the phygital format?

    Shanghai Fashion Week in March of this year was presented virtually for the first time. The result was beautiful and fresh, with computer graphics that made the presentations look like animations. The designers paid tribute to some movie scenes and added futuristic elements into their shows, which was very appealing.

  • How do you think independent brands or young designers should prepare for the phygital transition in fashion?

    Designers can make use of technology to present their collections in an unconventional way, and try to think creatively about how they can engage others with their stories.

  • How would you describe the style of your brand?

    While my brand has a feminine side, it also gives a vibe of resilience and strength. I think it is about elegance but with personal unique characters. In terms of design, I focus on draping to present the style of my brand.

  • After graduating from London College of Fashion and returning to Hong Kong, what changes in the Hong Kong fashion market impress you the most?

    The Hong Kong market is mainly taken by mass-produced fashion, and consumers focus on simplicity and comfort—this may be an obstacle for independent designers, so I'm looking for better ways to approach and appeal to different consumers. For example, I put particular emphasis on promoting Hong Kong's pop culture, educating the public about design appreciation and encouraging them to try different styles. It is often the case that when people like a certain piece, they worry about if it looks good on them, or that they may not have the chance to wear it on a suitable occasion. They then become reluctant to purchase clothes with elaborate designs. 

  • Where do you find inspiration for the unique tailoring of your womenswear?

    What I’ve learned from my studies is how to think creatively and translate my ideas into designs. I design freely according to my own preferences. I can be focusing on geometric shapes for one season, and then abstract designs for another. By doing what I like, I can always come up with interesting and experimental designs.

  • What are your plans for the future?

    I would like to try to start an online business. In terms of digitalisation, the resources in mainland China, such as CGI creations and digital fashion weeks, are indeed more abundant than in Hong Kong. I hope Hong Kong will also be making good progress soon.